Swisscanto - the Employer

Swisscanto is well aware of the valuable and significant role that well-trained, engaged and efficient employees play in the attainment of corporate targets and the realisation of the customer benefit for which we strive. The HR policy therefore aims to draw in well-suited, talented individuals and provide them with the necessary opportunities for development.

We strive to create a working environment in which employees are both challenged and satisfied. To achieve this, the following elements of the HR policy are crucial:

  • Recognition of performance
  • Developing talented individuals
  • In-company health management
  • Communication and social dialogue
  • Diversity and equal opportunities
  • Protecting personal integrity

Attractive employment conditions

  • Performance-based remuneration: Structured performance management system and profit-sharing as a variable salary component.
  • Training and development: A wide variety of technical and management seminars
  • Social benefits: Advanced pension fund solution, accident and sickness pay insurance
  • Discount on bank transactions
  • Discount on mortgages
  • Discounts on Reka checks
  • Discounts on insurance and health insurance

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